Ambitious interior

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“Ambitious interior it’s a breath of fresh air” designer Ernesta Rekštienė create ambitious interior for those, who wants a breath of fresh air making exclusivity and unusual projects. Designer offers not to drown with traditional interior solutions and together create a unique interior.

The exclusive service – one of a kind, high-level, exclusive interior design, that helps to fulfil your dreams to live differently – perhaps in the castle, perhaps in submarines or aircraft. It does not matter, because  is not afraid of challenges. 

Ambitious interior service package includes:

  • A high level interior design project;
  • Forming a team to carry out the work;
  • Excellent selection of materials for interior design project;
  • Furniture, decoration items, accessories selection and adaptation;
  • Work supervision and coordination.

ambicingas interjeras


What is ambitious interior?

Ambitious interior projects – these are solutions that can’t put into the frame or define the term textbook. These are the projects, which are distinguished by their bold and unexpected architectural solutions, spatial design, color palette, furniture and accessories. We can confidently say that this kind of interior projects with the creation of not only the functionality search, but also the start of philosophy. Exclusive interior has its own character and radiates a special energy.

An ambitious project called interior solutions definitely do not remain unnoticed. Whether interior is creating for small studio, spacious homes, offices, hotels or restaurants, such decisions do not leave anyone indifferent. Such interiors can be found major interior news portals and magazines, these interiors can receive awards. This is natural, because the creating process is not neutral, assay to hide or dissolve in the crowd, but opposite – seeks attention and recognition.

Talking about ambitious interior projects, the most frequently mentioned public, large objects – hotels, bars, restaurants, concert halls and other investors in attracting projects. Of course, such objects require special interior design, creating not only a beautiful view, but telling the story for visitors, creating the desired luxury, tranquility and euphoria illusion able to convince that it was worth it and would like to come back.

However, this does not mean that the exclusive interior solutions are possible only where your hand available high investment. Cozy and small housing can also lay claim to the title of the ambitious interior, if the owner dare to refuse neutral colors, furniture and decor items. Home space is always favorable to the implementation of ambitious interiors, as each person is an individual with their own thoughts, wishes, dreams and character, he is not obliged to adapt to the rules of the corporation or vision. While making their housing it can easily open up to the challenges and unleash his character  through the interior.

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What is necessary to create an ambitious interior?

In order to create a unique and stunning interior, there are three parts to success:

•  Interior vision;
•  Confidence yourself and your judgment;
•  Confidence designer.

The best interior designs or architectural solutions can’t born during construction, they do not arise out of nowhere. You need to think, dream, survive about it and only then implement. This requires imagine what aims creating interior, what is a housing space or interior vision, what is purpose, what will live there or who will use the premises. This vision should be discussed with an interior designer, and define  interior design goal – what feelings aims with this interior, what image create. That’s how vision gain “body” – design project, estimate, other documents and visual tools that allow you to look into the future – how things look soon.

Self-confidence mentioned here not in vain. Lithuanians are conservative people, so the development of the interiors they gravitate towards neutral color palettes, natural, earthy tones, classic furniture, subtle, but not provocative interior details. It is not disaster or defect, but if you decided to create a truly unique and ambitious interior, you need to trust your judgment that in progress there will be no thought to destroy . For many people it can be a challenge, but the result – an exclusive interior – definitely worth it. Perhaps ambitious interior is for brave people, for his generation leaders who not only develop, but also becomes a lighthouse for others that follows him.

In order to achieve the ambitious interior plan requires an experienced professional interior designer who can bring together a strong team, to whom plan is not complicated. Interior designer Ernesta Rekštienė for ambitious projects ideas inspires at  international interior and design exhibitions, and many years of experience in the creation of exclusive interiors helped build up an invaluable experience, and access to professionals who can implement the most interesting challenges and presenting projects. Anything is possible when works professionals.

Believe work and the result will impress you!

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