Meaning of colours

Colours are an integral part of human life. They directly affect not just our perception, but also our mood and various reactions.

Colours are divided into main – primary and secondary colours – tertiary colours. The basic colours are intense and are used only to emphasise certain elements of the interior, such as the wall in the room, upholstered furniture or even pom poms of a curtain. Tertiary colours are more commonly referred as the colour palette of the same colour group. They are usually chosen to create the overall background of the room and its largest areas: floors and walls.

Also the colours are divided into warm and cold. Warm colours like red, orange and yellow help to create a cozy environment in your home. Details highlighted in these colours can add enthusiasm and energy to your home.

meaning of colours


This colour transmits very strong feelings such as love, passion as well as anger and even danger. Red can even have a physical effect on people. It can increase blood pressure and respiratory rate.


Orange is a vibrant and energetic colour, that can be associated with creativity and change.


This colour is considered the brightest and most vibrant of all warm colours. Yellow reflects the sun and is often associated with joy and happiness.


Cold colours such as green, blue and purple are soft and more earthy than warm ones. These colours help to suppress “fire” colours and transmits neutrality to the living space.

meaning of colours 1


This colour is particularly earthy. It is often associated with fresh start and growth. Green can calm and refresh.


Blue is often associated with sadness and melancholy, but can also mean peace. This colour transmits feelings of purity, freshness and confidence.


This colour is associated with creativity and imagination. Purple can also show luxury and richness. Light shades of purple can be associated with spring and romance.


All colours fall into shades – colour variations:

  • Light shade – colour mixed with white
  • Dark shade – colour mixed with black
  • Medium shade – colour mixed with grey
  • Monochrome – one-colour tones

meaning of colours 2

These shades add neutrality and softness to a colour. They are often used in modern interiors. Neutral colours gives home a sense of security and cosiness and can also help highlight the bright colours of the room.

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