Crane dance in nature

Our brief for this interior refurbishment was clear – to create a cosy and inviting space where families and friends can relax, enjoy delicious meals and create cherished memories.

We decorated the furniture with a luxurious, rich velour fabric in deep shades, complemented by natural wood inlays of exceptional beauty. The versatility of our furniture allows for quick and purposeful transformation of spaces that can accommodate several banquets at once.

The walls are decorated with handmade murals that create a deep connection with the natural world outside, and as evening approaches, subtle lighting gives off a warm and cosy glow, highlighting the texture of the uneven walls with their natural motifs. Intimacy and mystery are added by the wooden partitions, which discreetly create private areas within the large space.

Every element – from the airy sofas to the seductive earthy colour palette and soft lighting – has been carefully selected to create the perfect feeling of relaxation.

Photos: Arimantas Knašas

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