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Luknė Taurasevičė

All the planning and execution I left to the designer, who has imagination, experience and sensitive soul. Continuous improvement in international exhibitions and worldliness leads this designer to a perfect understanding of style, decor, choice of materials and their combination. Let us enjoy together the dignity, courage, honesty, excellence and generosity of the designer Ernesta. Thank you.


It is very difficult to let people into your space, especially to trust your dreams, visions and yet open your heart to understand you... Thank you, dear Ernesta, for hearing me, my soul, and not obscured my thoughts, but helped me to realise them. Thank you for taking every nuance, financial, material and spiritual. We were a great team!

Kristina ir Giedrius

Thank you designer for giving us the opportunity to fulfil our dream of having a beautiful apartment. Thanks to your creativity and originality, today we can enjoy what we see now. We are very grateful that you have listened to our dreams and wishes, which have been successful. THANK YOU AGAIN!


UAB "Ergavita"

Įm. k. 302968881
Pvm. k. LT100011961113

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