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jaukaus prieglobscio kurimas kaip susikurti saves ramybes kampeli

Crafting a Cozy Haven: Guide to Building Your Self-Care Corner

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we understand that not everyone will be spending it with a significant other. That’s why we’re here to help you create a self-care corner that’s perfect for indulging in some well-deserved “me time.” Begin your journey to relaxation by selecting plush and inviting seating options. Sink into the embrace of a […]


Designing the Perfect Dining Space

The holiday season is just around the corner, and it’s the time of year when friends and family gather to celebrate, share laughter, and create lasting memories. As we prepare to host these cherished moments, one room often takes centre stage: the dining space. At Design of Dream, we understand the importance of creating a […]

inovatyviu dizaino tendenciju tyrinejimas cersaie 2023 parodoje e1696492371341

Exploring innovative design trends at CERSAIE 2023

Last week, our interior design studio had the opportunity to participate in CERSAIE 2023, the international trade fair for ceramic tiles and bathroom furniture, which has been taking place every year since 1983 in the charming city of Bologna, Italy. CERSAIE is truly unique in its ability to reflect the essence of design innovation and […]

produktyvaus namu biuro kurimas jusu organizuotos darbo vietos vadovas 1

Designing a Productive Home Office: Your Guide to a Organised Workspace

As September rolls around, the anticipation of returning to school and the workplace after the holidays can bring a mix of excitement and stress. Creating an organised and productive home office is essential to seamlessly transition into this new phase. Whether you’re a student preparing for classes or a professional gearing up for work, a […]

Mažo buto interjero sprendimai

Small Space Solutions: Creative Ideas to Make the Most of Limited Space

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or functionality. With a little creativity and smart planning, you can transform even the tiniest of rooms into a functional and visually appealing space. In this blog, we’ll explore some ingenious small space solutions that will help you make the most of […]

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Domus Lumina: a haven for interior design

A few months ago, Design of Dream designer Ernesta had the opportunity to visit the Domus Lumina showroom in Klaipėda, where she could not only admire the variety of products on offer, but also talk to clients and get advice on interior design. In this article, we would like to share the designer’s impressions and […]

vazonas pilnas pinigu

Frequently asked questions about interior design

Usually, when creating a new home, people review countless social media posts to discover and find the best style. However, we often don’t think that what we like may not be suitable for our lifestyle. That is why the interior designer is the best option when building a new home because he will take a […]

blizgus tapetai

Wall & Deco wallpaper in our interiors

The exclusive design of Wall & Decò wallpaper is located in Milan, Italy. Christian Benini, the company’s founder, and creative director, previously used large green leaves as a background for his photos while working as an advertising photographer. It was this Christian idea that caught the attention of different designers and architects. This prompted Christian […]

2021 tuju metu interjero tendencijos

Interior trends of 2021

What a year, right? Although the year 2020 lasted quite a long time, it taught us to think about the importance of sustainable materials and individuality, reflected in each person’s unique home. 2020 has made us think about home changes and new beginnings, which is why we would like to introduce you to the latest […]

interjero dizaino profesijos istorija

History of the interior design profession

Interior design, like architecture, has existed for thousands of years. In the past, interior design was part of the construction process, which was instinctively designed and adapted to the architecture of existing buildings. As mentioned in a previous article, the first evidence of interior design emerged along with the first communities of prehistoric people and […]

8 patarimai kaip isirengti namus uz nedideli biudzeta 7

8 tips for setting up a home on a small budget

Most people think that if they want a home to look beautiful, it requires a lot of investment. However, this is not true. Sometimes it is enough to update only specific details in your living space, giving the house a different mood. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss various tips on creating or renovating […]

ko reikia norint tapti interjero dizaineriu

What does it take to become an interior designer?

People, who want to work in a creative industry, should start as early as possible. It could be an art school or just an after-school creative activity, and maybe even events, where there is an opportunity to gain more experience through volunteering. It is useful, because it develops imagination and also shows the human interest […]

mazos erdves dideli pokyciai 12

Small spaces – big changes

Small spaces are often a challenge for everyone. It is crucial to make it spacious and functional and give it a cozy feel. Often, unthinkable details can make a room cluttered and more complex. This is why it is best to consult with an interior designer who understands the overall relationship and compatibility of proportions […]

pavasaris namu atnaujinimo laikas 1

Spring – home renovation time!

Sometimes it seems that you just moved into a new home, beautifully and comfortably furnished it and that it already has been 5 or 10 years. You start to see that the wallpaper is beginning to come off, and the sofa that calms you down after a long day at work has become less comfortable. […]

interjero dizaino principai 2

Principles of Interior Design

When creating a cozy home, it is crucial to understand basic principles of interior design – balance, harmony, rhythm, contrast, and detail. Professional interior designers know that every interior needs to evaluate the theme and space of a specific project. The designer uses the principles of interior design and understands what is extremely beautiful and […]

spalvos ir ju reiksme

Meaning of colours

Colours are an integral part of human life. They directly affect not just our perception, but also our mood and various reactions. Colours are divided into main – primary and secondary colours – tertiary colours. The basic colours are intense and are used only to emphasise certain elements of the interior, such as the wall […]

horoskopai 2020 tuju metu interjero tendencijose 12

Horoscopes in 2020 Interior trends

It is that time of the year when everyone is looking for a change and saying “New year – new me”, which gives us an opportunity to set new goals. This is where we jump in to introduce you to new interior trends of the year by applying it to astrology and the 12 zodiac […]

interior styles apply to your home 3

Interior styles, apply to your home

Planning to move into a new home, or maybe just want a little renovation? Home style often depends on persons character and lifestyle, which is why in order to set up a cozy living space, it is necessary to think and discover which interior style would suit you best. This article will help you learn more about interior styles and the key differences between them to help you find the interior style that is most suitable to you and apply it to your new home.

2024 uju interjero tendencijos 1 e1704785197730

Top Interior Design Trends for 2024

As we step into a brand new year, it’s the perfect time to refresh your living spaces and embrace the latest interior design trends. At Design of Dream, we’re excited to share with you the most anticipated and inspiring design elements that will shape the aesthetic landscape of 2024. Let’s embark on a journey of […]


Effortless Seasonal Decor: Transitioning Between Holidays with Style

Welcome to Design of Dream,  where we believe that every season is an opportunity to infuse your home with warmth, creativity, and a touch of magic. If you’re looking for ideas to effortlessly transition your seasonal decor between holidays, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re in your mid-20s or early 50s, our design […]

produktyvaus namu biuro kurimas jusu organizuotos darbo vietos vadovas 4

Designing Separate Zones in Your Home: Flats vs. Houses

Whether you’re living in a cosy flat or a spacious house, the concept of creating distinct zones within your living space can greatly enhance functionality and aesthetics. As we embrace the changing seasons, it’s the perfect time to explore innovative interior design tips that cater to the unique dynamics of flats and houses. In this […]

1 svetaine Ernesta Rekstiene

Exploring Minimalism: How to Achieve a Simple and Elegant Look in Your Home

In the bustling world we live in today, minimalism has emerged as a popular interior design trend, offering a serene and uncluttered environment that fosters relaxation and peace. With its clean lines, subtle aesthetics, and emphasis on functionality, minimalism has won the hearts of homeowners seeking simplicity and elegance in their living spaces. In this […]

10 paprastu pasidaryk pats projektu kuriais pakeisite savo namu erdve 1

10 simple DIY projects to transform your home space

Have you ever thought about ways to improve your home with a minimal budget? With a little creativity and some DIY know-how, you can make significant changes that will breathe new life into your home. In this blog post, we will explore ten simple DIY projects that can help you revamp your space without breaking […]

inovatyviu interjero sprendimu tyrinejimas marmo arc renginyje 3

Exploring Innovative Interior Solutions at Marmo Arc’s Inspiring Event

Last week, Marmo Arc, a renowned family business based in Lithuania, hosted an exclusive event that brought together interior designers, architects, and industry professionals under one roof. As a leading provider of high-quality natural and artificial stone products, Marmo Arc organised a captivating event that showcased their exceptional stone worktops and unveiled the endless possibilities […]

kelione i svajoniu sali nepakartojama ir gyvybinga las vegasa

A trip to the land of dreams – unique and vibrant Las Vegas

  Several weeks ago, I flew to Las Vegas to visit the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), which is the largest exhibition in North America. This show is dedicated to all aspects of kitchen and bathroom designs, where hundreds of exhibitors showcase the industry’s latest products, trends and technologies. In this show, I was […]

pintos kedes prie valgomojo stalo

Work in Tenerife

The work of an interior designer is fun and unpredictable. Every year is full of new challenges and surprises. One of the surprises that happened to our interior designer, Ernesta Rekstiene, was finding herself more than 4 thousand kilometres from home, enjoying the warmth, pleasant, friendly environment, and doing what she knows best.     […]

populiarus ir nykstantys interjero trendai siandien 3

Popular and fading interior trends today

2020 has made a significant impact on everyone’s lives. The pandemic forced the whole world to leave offices and start working from home. A long time spent in a home environment was unusual for everyone. As a result, people began to think about the changes that influenced today’s interior trends.      YES, to large […]

ikoniskiausi visu laiku interjero dizaineriai 1

The most iconic interior designers of all time

Nowadays, the profession of interior design is becoming more and more popular. However, most people only see this just as a beautiful picture on different social platforms without thinking about the true history behind it. Therefore, in this article, we will reveal the five most iconic interior designers of all time that everyone should know. […]

interjero dizaino istorija 1

History of interior design

Nowadays, most of the people see interior design as enchanting high-end image in various magazines and social media networks. But most of them don’t even think about where interior design came from and how it has changed over thousands of years along with architecture. How it started with drawings on the walls, later decor and […]

kuo skiriasi interjero dizaineris nuo interjero dekoruotojo

What is the difference between interior designer and interior decorator?

Most people think that an interior designer and an interior decorator work in the same way. However, people working these jobs apply different functions. An interior designer understands the overall relationship between proportions, layout and creates a functional space. This person must have a diploma in design or similar work experience to demonstrate the knowledge […]

kodel interjero dizainas yra geras karjeros pasirinkimas

Why interior design is a good career choice?

Whether you are finishing school or want a little bit of change, maybe now is the time to consider a career choice. After all, everyone spends most of the day working, so it is essential to find something you can enjoy doing and not feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or anxious about the thought that you will […]

lauko atnaujinimo patarimai 1

Outdoor renovation tips

With summer approaching and the sun warming up home, people become more and more eager to spend time outdoors. It becomes a terrace or balcony in the warm season, where you can relax and enjoy the evening with the family or company of close friends. This is why we share some tips that we hope […]

dazniausiai daromos klaidos interjere 1

Most common mistakes in interior design

When people decide to change their homes, the first thing they like to do is to check inspirational images of interior design on social media. However, seeing photos of a perfect home influences people to buy everything they want without understanding that it might not fit their home and lifestyle. This is why the best […]

spalvu tendencijos 2020 tu metu interjere 6

Interior colour trends

There are two common questions for an interior designer – what colour to choose and how to choose it wisely. Interior designers transfer knowledge to customers in order to help them find the right colour for their home by following the latest world news, as well as fashion trends and the advice from other famous […]

sventinis papuosimas uab vakaru medienos grupe 2019

Christmas decorations for UAB “Vakaru medienos grupe”

I am very happy to share Christmas decorations, that I made for UAB “Vakarų medienos grupė” for the fourth year. This year I collaborated with “Palp Group”, that helped to fulfill my ideas, using laser engraving on cartoon and plastic.

konferencija interjeras 2020

Conference “Interior 2020”

In November, our team from Interior House of Creation traveled to Vilnius, where the “STRUCTUM” magazine and the Lithuanian Architect Union organized the annual interior conference “Interior 2020”. During this conference, 8 speakers shared the latest trends and news for the coming year. Our team was amazed by the latest switch technology that allows us […]

Ambitious interior

Ambitious interior

Swimming pool on the roof, office with a view of the stunning Old Town roofs ensemble or a river bend, bedroom worthy of royal household name or an ultramodern kitchen for constantly busy modern businessman. This is not headline in interior magazine about luxurious and exclusive home interior illustrations, these are realistic projects in need of ambition, courage, self-confidence and confidence of selected interior designer. These ambitious interior projects makes the world go round. “The world has not seen it yet” – would you like that this phrase would express your apartment?