Interior trends of 2021

What a year, right? Although the year 2020 lasted quite a long time, it taught us to think about the importance of sustainable materials and individuality, reflected in each person’s unique home. 2020 has made us think about home changes and new beginnings, which is why we would like to introduce you to the latest interior trends that may inspire you.



Global influence

Most people missed the opportunity in 2020 to be free and travel the world. This is why this year is dominated by history and travel, which can be expressed in the interior spaces. The global influence interior is dominated by warm earth colours and natural materials, which are combined with wildlife motifs and accessories.

interior trends of 2021 2

Combinations of yellow and grey

The two colours that best express the mood of Pantone 2021 are yellow and grey. “These two independent colours highlight the combination of different elements between strength and positivity that expresses reflection and hope,” says Leatrice Eiseman, an American colour specialist and director of the Pantone Color Institute.

PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating – A bright and playful yellow colour that is filled with energy.

PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Grey – A symbol of strength and eternal elements.

interior trends of 2021

Distant Shores

The desire to travel has been on almost everyone’s mind in recent year. Distant Shores is inspired by memories of a calm lifestyle, palm trees and a sunny beach. This interior is dominated by wallpapers with plant motifs and subtle warm motifs reminding the holidays.

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Home office as a focal point

Most people have started working from home in recent years. This forced many to create a corner where they would feel comfortable and be able to concentrate and do the necessary work. That’s why, this year, it’s worth paying attention to the home office, which is becoming the main focus of the house. This place is dominated by clear lines, comfort, good lighting. Also, the workplace can be supplemented with artwork and exciting wallpapers. 

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Contemporary Country Style

This style of interior is inspired by the balance between the old and the new. The interior strikes a balance between traditional style, which allows you to feel a simple country life. However, the modern style introduces stricter forms.  In interior dominates warm amber tone, natural materials, and handmade embroidery, which gives the interior coziness. Aged wood is the main accent of the interior.

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Plants at home

As never before, home-grown plants have become one of the most popular trends. From hanging oscillating creepers to puffed flowers, plants can become a stunning interior detail. The plants in the house not only give beauty but also radiate vitality and filter the air.

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