Work in Tenerife

The work of an interior designer is fun and unpredictable. Every year is full of new challenges and surprises. One of the surprises that happened to our interior designer, Ernesta Rekstiene, was finding herself more than 4 thousand kilometres from home, enjoying the warmth, pleasant, friendly environment, and doing what she knows best.




“It is fun and nice to be able to consult, design, combine colours and materials in a foreign country. You are valued as a specialist who, with extensive work experience, can realise your thoughts abroad, ”says designer Ernesta, choosing surfaces and colour palettes for a new home where the customers will enjoy the sun, ocean, and fresh weather.

work in tenerife

Interior designers are curious people, so a business trip to another country can be enriching. It is interesting for them to see which companies the locals prefer. Also, getting to know the prevailing furniture styles, popular materials, wall and floor finishes in a different country can be an inspiration to create new interiors in the future.

work in tenerife 2

Tenerife is the largest of the Spanish Canary Islands. The country is rich in various types of stones, so it is especially common for surfaces such as floors, bathrooms, stairs, or kitchen countertops. The dwellings on this island are dominated by simple, sharp-shaped furniture, usually made of laminated chipboard.

work in tenerife 1

The range offered on this island is easy to adapt to. Vivid tapestry patterns and more exciting shapes give vitality. The warm weather and light rhythm of life prevail, so it’s no surprise that the most comprehensive selection is for relaxation and outdoor furniture.

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