What is the difference between interior designer and interior decorator?

Most people think that an interior designer and an interior decorator work in the same way. However, people working these jobs apply different functions. An interior designer understands the overall relationship between proportions, layout and creates a functional space. This person must have a diploma in design or similar work experience to demonstrate the knowledge of design acquired. Meanwhile, the interior decorator is a person, who complements the space, that was already created. This person does not have to have a diploma but must have a good understanding of aesthetic beauty.


Interior designer
Interior Designer is a person who is responsible for the entire interior design. This is a person who analyses and plans spaces to make them comfortable and ergonomic. An interior designer is responsible not only for functionality but also for the choice of finishing materials, such as wallpaper, floors, lighting, furniture, and their compatibility in the creating environment. Moreover, the person who does this job has to supervise builders and other people who contribute to the projects and check if they are doing their job.

what is the difference between interior designer and interior decorator

Interior Decorator

The interior decorator adds new elements to the existing interior space. The stylist is responsible for the environment to look beautiful after the interior designer made necessary structural and functional changes. An interior decorator is someone who can choose home accessories and can create a cozy home environment by using decorating elements.

what is the difference between interior designer and interior decorator 1

In any case, interior design and interior decor are for people who have an aesthetic perception and are ready to improve and expand their knowledge.

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