Frequently asked questions about interior design

Usually, when creating a new home, people review countless social media posts to discover and find the best style. However, we often don’t think that what we like may not be suitable for our lifestyle. That is why the interior designer is the best option when building a new home because he will take a lot of pressure from your shoulders and find the best solutions for your new living space. 


What would be the price of the interior?

The price depends on the amount of work put into the project. It varies depending on space’s complexity and the time spent in the space during the construction. Each project is individual, and because of this,  each location is coordinated individually.

Why Should I contact an interior design specialist?

An interior designer is a representative of several professions in one. By choosing a professional interior designer, you get an infinite amount of information on all home installation issues. From house construction and engineering to curtain strip selection. An interior designer doesn’t only advise and show but also argues why it is worth choosing one or another material and discusses their features and differences. Nevertheless, an interior designer can advise, suggest, and find the most suitable solutions for the environment and lifestyle. A specialist knows the answers to your questions related to the installation of a home or office space. It provides services such as:

1. Consultations on-premises planning issues.

2. Layout of housing spaces.

3. Electrical drawings.

4. Ceiling plans.

5. Selection of plumbing devices.

6. Consultations on finishing materials.

7. Furniture selection.

8. Lighting selection.

9. Creating a single piece of furniture or accessory.

10. Decorating spaces.

What services should I expect from an interior designer? 

An interior designer is a developer, designer, and consultant. Let’s say you want to renovate or install a bathroom – an interior designer will estimate bathroom planning possibilities. He will select the best plumbing fixtures and plan where they will look best and most comfortable. Also, the interior designer will choose the tiles and come up with a way to arrange them into the bathroom. All you have to do is express your wishes. The interior designer will provide you with sketches and visualizations with a clear picture. 

kitchen interior design visualisation

Is it worth contacting an interior designer even when preparing small living spaces?

Small spaces are often much more complex than spacious ones. Every centimeter of the room requires special attention to address issues and improve comfortability. The interior designer will plan the space to best suit different needs. He, as a professional, is able to design and reconcile seemingly incompatible or impossible things.

kitchen interior design

If I invite you for a consultation, what will I get for it?

During the consultation, the customer’s most critical issues and concerns are discussed, from layout to colour choices. At the customer’s request, a consultation is available in supermarkets to select colour combinations and finishing materials.

Can you decorate one wall?

Yes, we can. This requires a thorough and open conversation, consultation, and advice from an interior specialist to help you discover the best solutions for your existing wall.

interesting green plant wallpaper

How to choose an interior style?

Often, after choosing a few interior styles, you want to look at them not as a whole but as individual details of the interior style. Consider the interior colors used, the wall and floor coverings, and the elements that fill the interior. Think about whether it is just nice-looking or if it would be acceptable for you to see it every day. Maybe variegated patterns are beautiful, but seeing it every day would bother you.

When contacting an interior designer, the search time can be shortened as professionals ask targeted questions to understand the customer’s expectations as quickly as possible and tailor the most appropriate home interior style to him.

minimal grungy interior style

But I don’t need anything much…

Send photos of the object and fill in the questionnaire so that the interior specialist can estimate the cost of the planned work.

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