Surrounded by nature

The clients’ brief was to renovate an old summer retreat that has been a favourite getaway for many people. Completely renovated, redesigned and converted from two separate rooms, the holiday home has been transformed into a superb apartment with two bedrooms and a lounge area. Thoroughly redesigned and reborn, it now boasts a stunning combination of natural materials and a harmonious colour palette. The interior has a soothing, earthy green atmosphere, enveloping you in peace and relaxation.

Our choice of materials perfectly complements the colours and motifs found in nature, creating an immersive experience for holidaymakers in search of tranquility. Straw chandeliers gracefully cast soft, enchanting patterns of light, lending the space a playful yet calming atmosphere.

With earthy shades of green everywhere, every corner of this modern holiday home is designed to evoke a deep sense of relaxation.

Photos: Arimantas Knašas

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