Wall & Deco wallpaper in our interiors

The exclusive design of Wall & Decò wallpaper is located in Milan, Italy. Christian Benini, the company’s founder, and creative director, previously used large green leaves as a background for his photos while working as an advertising photographer. It was this Christian idea that caught the attention of different designers and architects. This prompted Christian Benini to release his first design collection in 2005, and in 2007 began producing wallpapers that are now known worldwide.

These top-quality wallpapers focus on the balance between design, photography, and graphic elements. Nevertheless, the growing awareness has not changed the craftsman’s vocation to produce one-time products over the years. Because of this reason, these wallpapers have not only a unique design but also are sustainable.

In particular, Wall & Decò focused on interiors using the “CONTEMPORARY WALLPAPER“ collection. However, over the years, the range has expanded to include two innovative collections, such as the “WET SYSTEM” designed for bathroom and shower wall coverings. The “OUTDOOR SYSTEM” is also designed for exterior and facade wall coverings, giving an exclusive style.

wallpaper catalogue

Design of Dream Interior House has been cooperating with Wall & Decò since 2015. This company provides an opportunity to discover exciting and excellent quality wallpapers for our customers. Wall & Decò enriches the interior and allows us to reveal our customers’ needs and expectations best.

This interior was created for a young family who is interested in innovation. Therefore, wallpaper from the “WET SYSTEM” collection was used in the first-floor toilet room, which gives the space a minimalistic gloss. 

shiny bathroom wallpaper

More photos of this interior can be found here —-> 

This luxurious classic interior was created for mature customers. Light colours and subtle shine on the walls give this interior life. The “WET SYSTEM” wallpaper insert was also introduced in one of the bathrooms. Its pattern catches the eye and surprises every-time. 

pattern bathroom wallpaper

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The main idea of this interior was to find a close connection between a human and nature. Earthy colours and natural materials dominate the interior. Also, in the guest bathroom, the tiles were replaced with wood-themed wallpaper from the “WET SYSTEM” collection. 

tree motive bathroom wallpaper

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Light colours and natural wood materials dominate this Provencal-style interior. One of the main details of the interior is aged wallpaper from the “Modern Wallpapers” collection. This wallpaper gives the interior luxury and mystery. 

mysterious wallpaper

More photos of this interior can be found here —->

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