Interior styles, apply to your home


It is a style that is suitable for those who try to remove unnecessary elements. This style strongly emphasises only certain details in the interior. The most commonly used are high quality and natural materials – glass, wood, metal. This modern – real life full of energy, uncluttered  interior – for people who know their value.


This style is known by rhythmic lines and forms, bright colouring. Modern style interior is full of cold shiny material. Wallpaper can be sophisticated or patterned. Occasionally interior can remind Japanese motives, strict forms. Modern style furniture are made by typical materials, like laminated chipboard, leather, glass, plastic, veneer, natural wood.

Classical style

This style is characterised by a regular pattern parts – the various wooden panels on the walls, decorative ceiling, floor collars. Various forms of gypsum decoration. All the details in the interior has its place, form. Feel fullness and completeness. Materials commonly used for natural and very high quality, as natural mahogany, decorated with brass. Gold reflections, gold decorated with a variety of decors and items seeps through the entire interior. Fired luxurious, natural fibre materials. Wall coverings are often decorated with classical motifs patterned, striped wall covering.

Eclectic style

It is a tasteful mix of different styles. This is one of the most popular styles of interior.

French countrified style

Also known as – Provence style. It has a bright solid wood panels. Prevail naturalistic floral motives. It’s elegance and simplicity of rural mix. Wall coverings are usually painted. Flooring – natural materials: wood, stone tiles.

Oriental – Japanese style

This style is characterised by simplicity, harmony and practicality. Bright walls, little dark-coloured furniture. Bright accessories, oriental carpets. Ivory, onyx, coral products. Sculptures of dragons and elephants decorate home spaces.

Modern “LOFT” style

An industrial style typical to people, who value space and minimalism. Lots of natural lighting. Lamps often have laconic, harsh shapes. Materials – cement, concrete, glass and metal.

Spanish style

This style has plastered walls, bright colours: red, orange, gold. Massive dark-painted furniture. Introduced metal. Typical Spanish accessories like a sombrero and a guitar. Coloured patterns blankets.

Mediterranean style

This style is characterised by warm terracotta, yellow walls and floor colours. Unsophisticated items. This style emphasises pottery, marine-themed details, oil paintings.

Scandinavian style

The style is characterised by simplicity and lightness. Dominates earth colours and natural materials. Wallpaper is mostly with simple, naturalistic motifs and geometric shapes. Furniture and light fixtures tend to be rigid and clear in shape.

Traditional style

This style is characterised as a classic and elegant style. Bright natural colours, such as, grey, brown and off-white combines with the dark blue, burgundy and green colours. Dominates checkered, striped as well as floral motifs. The interior will be finished, if you will add crystal, porcelain candlesticks or will decorate with framed paintings.


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