In our INTERIOR HOUSE OF CREATIVE studio you can order a variety of accessories, that can help to give your home or office a touch of exclusivity. Carefully and lovingly made, these accessories will look extremely elegant.

English manufacturer THELERMONT HUPTON, a manufacturer of various home accessories. Wide choice, excellent quality.


Do you think, that your home lacks some colorful and interesting details? We can help you. Company from France BLUE SHAKER make prints that will surely make your guests talk. From vintage-inspired prints to modern art and map prints, they are designed to impress anywhere in the home.


NEVOTEX is a leading wholesaler in the interior design and furniture manufacturing industry in Scandinavia and the Baltic region. This company sells fabrics, leather and imitation leather as well as other raw materials for furniture production. They also include products for car and ship interiors. The slogan of this company is: “Our long experience is for you. Your passion is our passion! ”