Breath of roses

The interior design of the apartment started with a simple consultation, where we were helping to choose the colour for the walls. After we designed furniture, selected lamps as well as curtains. Sincere communication and trust in me as a specialist gave us a great result.
Warm colour flooring, complementing softly toned walls. On some of other walls we use textured painted wallpaper. To enhance the impression of it, we offered a colour, that would be few shades darker. 
In girls room we designed a wall with open shelves, with integrated light-changing LED lighting for different mood and to light a photo wallpaper. All the furniture was designed and manufactured for a special order. Functional wardrobe with integrated lighting helps to see all of the items in the wardrobe. 
Bedroom space is used to storage as many important things as possible. Calm, earthy colouring has been chosen so that customers can relax and enjoy a peaceful rest.

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