Outdoor renovation tips

With summer approaching and the sun warming up home, people become more and more eager to spend time outdoors. In the warm season it becomes a terrace or balcony, where you can relax and enjoy the evening with the family or company of close friends. This is why, in this article we share some tips, that we hope will help you to create a cozy outdoor space.

Outdoor furniture

When choosing outdoor furniture, it is worth considering what are your living habits. For example, if you want a quiet corner to read a book, you might want to think of a soft couch or a recliner. However, if you are thinking of a place where you can have dinner with your family, you may want to consider a larger table for food.

Also, when choosing outdoor furniture, you need to consider not only the size of the space, but also whether it will be enclosed or open. For example, if you have an open terrace, it can be difficult to have dinner in the evenings, as food can quickly become cold due to the constant wind. In this case, you might want to think of a shelter from the wind or a glazed patio, that is open during the day, for heat to enter and closed in the evenings. Terrace like this can give you security and keep you warm.


To create a cozy atmosphere to your outdoor patio, maybe you can consider plants. Nicely decorated outdoor spaces with flowering plants not only can make your oasis  more relaxing, but also can be eye-catching to your visiting friends.

Depending on your outdoor furniture and colours, it is worth thinking on what plants would look best in your terrace. If you want a neutral corner, white or blue flowering plants would be the best option. However, if you want to brighten up your patio with summer colours, you may want to consider plants blooming in bright colours.


Sofa cushions, blankets and even an outdoor rug can help you bring cozy mood to your terrace. As summer evenings approach, you might consider of hanging outdoor garlands and adding candles, that could help to create a romantic atmosphere. It is also worth thinking of an interesting design lighting with a heating feature, that will not only catch your eye, but also will give you warmth on cool evenings.

Cozy corner in the flat

If you don’t have a spacious terrace, this is not a problem. It is possible to create a cozy environment in a balcony. If you are looking for greenery, you can purchase adapted fruit trees in pots. In this case, your balcony will smell nice and will give you fruits in autumn. 

It is best not to overload the balconies with unnecessary items. You can think of small furniture and cozy details like a blanket or rug, that will make your balcony comfortable.

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