Most common mistakes in interior design

When people decide to change their home, first thing they like to do is to check inspirational images of interior design on social media. However, seeing photos of perfect home most of the time influence people to buy everything they like without understanding, that it might not fit in their home and their lifestyle. This is why, the best choice would be to get advice from an interior designer, who has an understanding of overall connection and compatibility of fabrics, colours, lighting as well as scale and layout, that could help to design the perfect home for every individual. 

There are some of the most common mistakes, that mots of the people forget to think about when they are creating a living space for themselves:

Focal point 

First of all, it is best to know the purpose of the room. This helps to find the focal point of the room, which is mostly something, that is the biggest in the room or attracts the eye the most. For example, if you decide, that the room will be used as bedroom, your focal point will become bed. After that, the rest of the furniture and other details will go around it and will help to fill up the rest of the space. 


Scale in probably the biggest mistake, that most of the people do. Majority thinks, that when they have a small room, they need furniture, that takes less space and when they have spacious room they need large furniture. The secret is – mixture of different sizes, heights and even shapes. It not only makes the room look more interesting, but also helps to make it look less stuffed and pathless. It’s all about balance and proportion. 


The most common mistake is using too little or too much light in wrong places of the room. For example, layering lighting in different levels and intensities can help not only make room well-lit, but also create different mood. Moreover, combining different proportion wall lights as well as floor and table lamps will provide even lighting throughout your home.

Colours and fabrics

Many people have a hard time imagining colour and pattern compatibility. Therefore, it is important to choose the main dominant element of the room and to match the rest of the interior details. For example, start with your favourite fabrics and the biggest details of a room, like a sofa, to find the most suitable colours for walls and flooring, or to discover the colours of walls and floors before choosing large details in a room.


One of the common mistakes, that people do when they create the interior of their home – taking ideas from others. Sometimes people don’t understand, that things they have seen at their friends’ house or on social media platforms might not work in their home and is different from their lifestyle. Home should reflect the personalities of the people living in it, tell their story and personal adventures. Also, some things that aren’t close to the human heart can become boring  after a while, which is why it is best to create a unique home space that you would love to return to after a hard day at work.



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