Small spaces – big changes

Small spaces are often a challenge for everyone. It is important to make it not only spacious and functional, but also give it a cozy feel. Often, unthinkable details can make a room cluttered and more difficult. This is why it is best to consult with an interior designer, who understands the overall relationship and compatibility of proportions as well as layout and can help you to find the best solution for your home.

In this article, we share the interiors of our designer Ernesta Rekštiene, where every detail of space is thought of. The designer likes challenges, which is why she often motivates her clients by saying, “Don’t be afraid to express your wishes, even though they seem impossible, and my task will be to fulfill them.”

Beaty house – TULASIS

Customer formulated task – create beauty house, that breathes Indian spirit and helps people to relax and enjoy beauty procedures in 25m2 premises. Customers trust and sincere belief in the proposed decisions helped to fulfil all the expectations and turn this little spaces into a true oasis.

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Beauty salon “Dita Plus”

Updated hairdressing salon in Klaipeda city. Certain partitions have been removed, creating more spacious and lighter spaces. Formed beauty and manicure rooms. The walls are painted or decorated with wallpaper. The stone tiles for the floor are chosen according to the intensive flow of people.

UAB “Stiklita Klaipeda”

Stiklita is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of various glass and mirror products. For this company, the interior is designed to maximize the use of space to showcase the products on display and how they can be used. This is why separate areas have been created, such as visitor, meeting and work spaces.

The interior color is bright and refreshing. Bright green accents, that are repeated in the furniture and glass decor, represents freshness of the spring.. The flooring has a lasting vinyl flooring with excellent conditions.

More images of interior you can find by clicking HERE >>> 

One room apartment

The task formulated by the clients was to redesign and equip the apartment for comfortable living for one person. Old partitions of the whole apartment were removed. New partitions have formed a two-bedroom apartment with a separate bedroom. Enlarged bathroom. The kitchen was formed together with the living room. High quality materials were used to finish the apartment. Walls painted and wallpapered in some areas, high-strength laminate was used for the floor. The ceiling of the apartment ere not high, which is why we used a shiny tensioned ceiling to optically expanding the space.

Apartment in Klaipeda

The customer wanted to create an interior for rent. This interior was designed to be suitable for holiday and for people, who are coming for a short stay, as well as long time rent. Appartment was decorated with modern materials. The colours of the apartment are bright and gentle, while the turquoise accents bring life and saturation.


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