Spring – home renovation time!

Sometimes it seems that you just moved into a new home, beautifully and comfortably furnished it and that it already has been 5 or 10 years. You start to see that the wallpaper is beginning to come off, and the sofa that calms you down after a long day at work has become less comfortable. There is no need to panic and consider that maybe it’s time for a small change. Changing your home can benefit you by bringing new emotions and inspiration to your everyday life.

Renovating a home is quite an exciting process, but whether you plan to renovate or replace only certain parts of your home ultimately, you can face many challenges. Therefore, in this article, we share some tips that you may find useful.


Living room

The living room is a universal space customised for each family member. Depending on your living habits, it can be divided into different zones: dining, resting, and maybe even working. However, they may change over time. Perhaps you changed your job or became more settled and started thinking about a more prominent family. In this case, your zones can transform. For example, you might have an old sofa that takes up a lot of space in your home and which you can replace with a more compact one after you start to have children. In this case, your children will have more space to play.

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The kitchen is one of the prominent places in your home. Most people think that renovating a kitchen requires a complete overhaul, but this is not true. To avoid spending a lot of money, you can change only specific details. For example, you can repaint cabinet doors in a different color or change some small accents like curtains or cabinet handles.

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The bedroom is one of the most private places in your home. Of course, the most crucial thing in the bedroom is a comfortable bed, where you spend most of your time and the wardrobe, and a few chests of drawers, where you can put your belongings. However, if you are looking for an inexpensive upgrade, you can buy more exciting bed covers or add different colour cushions that will lighten up your room a little bit more. Also, if you have space in your room, you can put a comfortable armchair, where you can relax after a hard day’s work and read a book.

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Kids bedroom

The children’s room is the most playful and full of energy home space, where you don’t need to limit yourself. Children love to change their room layout, so it is essential to choose easily transforming furniture. This will allow them to create their environment.

Children grow up quickly, and their rooms remain empty after a few years, which is why it is worth considering a new purpose of the room. Replacing the walls with new wallpaper, breaking an old bed with a unique tapestry, hanging some new paintings, and adding some cozy accessories will help your room change beyond recognition and become a versatile space for returning kids or visiting guests.

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Most people think that renovating a bathroom is extremely difficult and costs a lot of money because they need to replace plumbing fixtures or old tiles. However, if you like your bathroom the way it is, maybe you can add some accessories. For example, if you are tired of your toilet, you can replace its lid with another color. You can brighten up your mood by hanging a custom mirror, putting on new bath mats, and upgrading bathroom accessories like plants or framed pictures. Without investing in a significant renovation, you will be able to bring a new mood to your bathroom.

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