Interior colour trends

There are two common questions for an interior designer – what colour to choose and how to choose it wisely. Interior designers transfer knowledge to customers in order to help them find the right colour for their home by following the latest world news, as well as fashion trends and the advice from other famous designers.
Depending on the surface, colour absorbs or reflects. When choosing colours, you should be aware that they respond to sunlight, space and the purpose of the premises. Colours can look different depending on a day and season, as well as in well-lit or shaded areas.
The main trend of the interior in 2020, according to Australian colour forecasting and paint company Dulux, is called ‘Essence’ which has four categories: Grounded, Comeback, Cultivate and Indulge. It consists of everything that is close to the human soul: mind, spirit and nature. It can mean something different to every individual, which is why we hope it will inspire you to apply it to your living environment.


It’s everything, that is minimal, warm and comfortable. The designers of Dulux describe Grounded as an inspiration of conscious existence. The main details of this theme are: neutral colours, round geometric shapes, linen, needlework and wood.

interior colour trends 2


This theme is about everything that is real and vivid. Designers of Dulux say, that while everyone loves to feel safe and comfortable, people must remember to free themselves and express their true colours. This theme created an eclectic style by the mix between old and new. Key details: Bauhaus style, strict geometric shapes and different patterns.

interior colour trends 1


It’s an acceptance of a slow life. Dulux designers describe this theme as the end of rushing. It is all about blending with the elements of nature such as earth, air and natural light. It is a place of rest and nurture. The main elements of this theme are: Japanese style, plants, glass and earthy colours.

interior colour trends 3


This theme is all about luxury red and earthy brown colours. The designers of Dulux say, that in order to relax from stress and hard working days, we need to introduce cozy and romantic motifs into our home, that will help us wrap ourselves into luxurious fabrics, comfort and love. Key details: retro style, round geometric shapes, rich colours.

interior colour trends

More information about the colours can be found in Dulux website:

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