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Outdoor renovation tips

With summer approaching and the sun warming up home, people become more and more eager to spend time outdoors. In the warm season it becomes a terrace or balcony, where you can relax and enjoy the evening with the family or company of close friends. This is why, in this article we share some tips, […]

Most common mistakes in interior design

When people decide to change their home, first thing they like to do is to check inspirational images of interior design on social media. However, seeing photos of perfect home most of the time influence people to buy everything they like without understanding, that it might not fit in their home and their lifestyle. This […]

Interior colour trends

There are two common questions for an interior designer – what colour to choose and how to choose it wisely. Interior designers transfer knowledge to customers in order to help them find the right colour for their home by following the latest world news, as well as fashion trends and the advice from other famous […]

Christmas decorations for UAB “Vakaru medienos grupe”

I am very happy to share Christmas decorations, that I made for UAB “Vakarų medienos grupė” for the fourth year. This year I collaborated with “Palp Group”, that helped to fulfill my ideas, using laser engraving on cartoon and plastic.

Conference “Interior 2020”

In November, our team from Interior House of Creation traveled to Vilnius, where the “STRUCTUM” magazine and the Lithuanian Architect Union organized the annual interior conference “Interior 2020”. During this conference, 8 speakers shared the latest trends and news for the coming year. Our team was amazed by the latest switch technology that allows us […]

Ambitious interior

Ambitious interior

Swimming pool on the roof, office with a view of the stunning Old Town roofs ensemble or a river bend, bedroom worthy of royal household name or an ultramodern kitchen for constantly busy modern businessman. This is not headline in interior magazine about luxurious and exclusive home interior illustrations, these are realistic projects in need of ambition, courage, self-confidence and confidence of selected interior designer. These ambitious interior projects makes the world go round. “The world has not seen it yet” – would you like that this phrase would express your apartment?

Spring – home renovation time!

Sometimes it seems that you  just moved into a new home,  beautifully and comfortably furbished it and that it already has been 5 or 10 years. You start to see, that the wallpaper is starting to come off and the sofa that calms you down after a long day at work has become less comfortable. […]

Principles of Interior Design

To create a cozy home, it is important to have an understanding of basic principles of interior design – balance, harmony, rhythm, contrast and detail. Professional interior designers know that every interior needs to evaluate the theme and space of a specific project. The designer using principles of interior design understands what is extremely beautiful […]

Meaning of colours

Colours are an integral part of human life. They directly affect not just our perception, but also our mood and various reactions. Colours are divided into main – primary and secondary colours – tertiary colours. The basic colours are intense and are used only to emphasise certain elements of the interior, such as the wall […]

Horoscopes in 2020 Interior trends

It is that time of the year when everyone is looking for a change and saying “New year – new me”, which gives us an opportunity to set new goals. This is where we jump in to introduce you to new interior trends of the year by applying it to astrology and the 12 zodiac […]

Interior styles, apply to your home

Planning to move into a new home, or maybe just want a little renovation? Home style often depends on persons character and lifestyle, which is why in order to set up a cozy living space, it is necessary to think and discover which interior style would suit you best. This article will help you learn more about interior styles and the key differences between them to help you find the interior style that is most suitable to you and apply it to your new home.